white wine

The “1|2|5 – Malvasia del Salento IGP” is a white wine originating from an aromatic local variety in the area of Salento, in Apulia – hence, its name Malvasia del Salento.
This wine has 12,5% alc. vol. and this feature makes it light and pleasant.
Its colour is yellow, clear and bright, as rays of sunshine in our wonderful land.
The “1|2|5 – Malvasia del Salento IGP” wine is perfect as aperitif, thanks to its aromatic bouquet that is reminiscent of exotic fruit.
On the palate, it has a pleasant refreshing flavour and a lime aftertaste. Furthermore, its good acidity allows to match this white Malvasia to a lot of different dishes, even the dishes of different cultures.
Some dishes we like to suggest when matching the wine “1|2|5 – Malvasia del Salento IGP” include fried seafood or seafood in general, as well as sushi or Thai food.
Indeed, it is a wine that can be easily appreciated by people who love drinking and experiencing new matchings, as well as by those who want to enjoy a glass of good wine of Salento.

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